Hunger Pangs

Im sooooooooo Hungry! Sometimes I just want to just scream that from the top of my lungs!

Ever wonder why the instant you get up the nerve to start applying a workout regimen to your life, that you all of a sudden want to eat everything in sight (usually nothing […]

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Lose My Breath

Breathing is sooooo important! Don’t you think? Of course you do! Without it we could not and would not be here. However, not to reiterate something you already know, … let me tell you about something you might not be aware of…

When you are exercising it is […]

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No See….

Hey there You,

Yes You… thank for taking time out to read this! I would like to explain my absence for almost a year! Wow, I said it out loud for the first time, and it didn’t hurt so bad…lol…anywho….

I initially started this blog to help people who were […]

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Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

I don’t know about you, but I have a weakness for sugar! All things sweet captivate me! I’m talking Pies, cakes, candy, etc… But let me ask you… Do you ever wonder why we are addicted to a sweet sensation? Or what causes that particular part of our brain […]

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Counting More Sheep

Daylight savings time has come once again… Is it friend or foe?

Turns out it can be doing more harm than good for most of us! Sleep is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to your health; Frankly, losing an hour hinders our level of productivity, awareness […]

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Let It Snow

Wow guys! Can you believe that Louisiana has been having snow days! No school and no work because of slippery roads and inclement weather conditions for this particular state!

Just as it is highly unlikely for Louisiana to get snow, it is highly unlikely that you can change the […]

Ready, Set, GO!

You ever feel like your in Ready set mode?… now all you need is to get up and GOOOOOO!!!!!

WELL, here’s what I have discovered! All you have to do, is not get BORED and STAY MOTIVATED!

I know, I know…. all you have to do right!? Is easier said than […]

~Never TOO Much~

{Singing} Never Too Much, Never Too Much, Never Too Much… In my best Luther Vandross voice!

What things in life do you feel is NEVER too much?
While you think about that question, I would like to create an image for you!

As Christmas time vastly approaches; you start to get a […]

What’s Starting YOU!?

Hi there!

First and foremost- Thank you for clicking on this post and taking the time to read it, you beautiful creation of a human being You!(inserts smile here)

I wanted to bring something to your attention; you know how when you tell your good friend, sister, brother or anyone in […]

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Hi there world! Have you been hearing about all the Gluten free food products available these days? It’s getting more and more popular! I bet your wondering why (smile)! Well, I’m here to tell you…

A lot of people are under the impression that Gluten free products are healthier, […]

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